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Good Habits

Tag: English Posted on 2020-04-01 12:15:02 Edited on 2020-04-12 19:17:59 Views: 151

About Study

  1. Always practice the learned knowledge.
  2. Efficiency matter most.
  3. Do the best or not to do at all.
  4. Focus on your goal.

About Life

  1. Never do anything else when eating.
  2. Keep any kinds of screen far away from bed.
  3. Never stay up in any excuse.
  4. The first thing you do in the morning must be a positive one.

About Health

  1. 🦷 Must gargle after meal.
  2. 👁 Rest eyes regularly.
  3. 🏃 Keep regular sports.
  4. 🧍 Avoid sedentary.